Le Corbusier | The artist – available "Unité"-prints
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Le Corbusier’s “Unité”

The series “Unité” con­sists of 20 aqua­tint etchings, pro­du­ced bet­ween 1963 and 1965 by Le Cor­bu­si­er and prin­ted by the brot­hers Aldo and Pie­ro Crom­me­lynck, published in Octo­ber 1965 by Alain C. Mazo in an edi­ti­on of 160 exem­plars (30 num­be­red with Roman nume­rals, 130 with Ara­bic). 17 works are in color, 16 of the­se hand-signed: 3 of them are still in black and white – LC’s death in August 1965 hin­de­red their completion.

Nevert­hel­ess, the series is one of Le Corbusier’s cen­tral gra­phic works. He star­ted working on the preli­mi­na­ry pas­tel ver­si­ons in 1953, short­ly befo­re finis­hing “Poè­me de l’angle droit”. His inten­ti­on was to com­bi­ne a text with the­se works as well, ther­eby crea­ting ano­ther sple­ndid portfolio.