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Gale­rie Mera GmbH

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© Texts: Tomas Rabara, Karin Rabara
© Works repro­duc­tions: Man­fred Dubach; FLC / 2018, Pro­Lit­te­ris, Zurich


© Pho­to­graphs in which Le Cor­bu­sier is seen:

Le Cor­bu­sier in 1953 in the stu­dio of his apart­ment in Paris: © Keystone / Rue des archi­ves / Michel Sima; FLC / 2018, Pro­Lit­te­ris, Zurich

Quo­ta­tion: “I am an archi­tect, but I am also a pain­ter. Two hearts are bea­ting in my bre­ast” (Le Cor­bu­sier to Louis Ara­gon, 1936). Refe­rence: “La que­relle du réa­lisme”: Deux débats orga­ni­sés par l’Association des pein­tres et sculp­teurs de la Mai­son de la cul­ture, 1936‬

Le Cor­bu­sier in 1937 while working on the pain­ting “Plou­gre­scant”: © akg-images / Paul Almasy; FLC / 2018, Pro­Lit­te­ris, Zurich
Quo­ta­tion: “It is first of all thanks to pain­ting that I have become that archi­tect that I am”. Refe­rence: Revue “Aujourd’hui – Art et Archi­tec­ture”, Numéro spé­ciale, 1965

Le Cor­bu­sier in 1963 in his stu­dio at work on a col­lage: © FLC / 2018, Pro­Lit­te­ris, Zurich
Quo­ta­tion: “I have never stop­ped drawing and pain­ting, loo­king whe­re­ver I could for the secrets of form. You don’t have to look any fur­ther than this for the key to my work and my rese­arch”. Refe­rence: LC’s pre­face for “Des­sins”, Edi­ti­ons Forces-Vives, 1968 


Le Cor­bu­sier in 1947 working on the draft of the UN head­quar­ters: © United Nati­ons Per­ma­nent Head­quar­ters; FLC / 2018, Pro­Lit­te­ris, Zurich