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The gallerists

The foun­ders and owners of Gale­rie Mera are Karin and Tomas Rabara. The couple spe­cia­li­zes in the arti­s­tic work of Le Cor­bu­sier and devo­ted their first exhi­bit, “Le Cor­bu­sier – Bau­meis­ter des Inte­ri­eurs” (Le Cor­bu­sier – Mas­ter Buil­der of Inte­ri­ors) in 2010, to the sub­ject. Other shows fol­lo­wed, such as “Bauen auf Kunst – Druck­gra­phi­ken Le Cor­bu­si­ers auf fünf Jahr­zehn­ten” (Buil­ding on Art – Five Deca­des of Le Corbusier’s Prints) in the Archi­tek­tur­fo­rum Zurich or last year “Le Cor­bu­sier – der Künst­ler” (Le Cor­bu­sier – the Artist), in the con­text of which Karin and Tomas Rabara were able to pre­sent the whole range of Le Corbusier’s oeu­vre – from gra­phics, to drawings and col­la­ges, to his tapestries and an oil pain­ting. Fur­ther­more, at the art fair Design+Design in Kunst­haus Zurich, the couple acquain­ted the public with Le Corbusier’s artist pos­ters.


Karin Rabara, ori­gi­nally an archi­tect, was a pro­fes­sio­nal assis­tant at the Centre Le Cor­bu­sier in Zurich for two years, where she gai­ned an uner­ring feel for LC’s work. Spar­ked by the enthu­si­asm of his wife, Tomas Rabara, a jour­na­list by pro­fes­sion, publis­hed a cata­lo­gue of the gra­phic work of Le Cor­bu­sier that sur­pas­ses all pre­vious publi­ca­ti­ons through its wealth of infor­ma­tion based on his exten­sive rese­arch.


Thanks to their many years of focus upon Le Corbusier’s arti­s­tic work and to their excel­lent con­tacts, Karin and Tomas Rabara have a pro­found know­ledge of the art mar­ket. They also have a great store of gra­phics avail­able at all times that is unpar­al­le­led elsew­here.


It is a great plea­sure for us to be able to advise you in your selec­tion of one of Le Corbusier’s works. 


Tomas & Karin Rabara

© Jean­nette Vogel, 2014


Tomas & Karin Rabara
© Jean­nette Vogel, 2014


Exhi­bi­tion 2015:
“Le Cor­bu­sier – the Artist” 

in Schaff­hau­sen


At the fair Design+Design 2014
in the main lec­ture hall of the Kunst­haus Zurich

Galerie Mera - Le Corbusier - Architekturforum Zürich

Exhi­bi­tion 2013: “Buil­ding on Art –
Five Deca­des of Le Corbusier’s Prints”

in the Archi­tek­tur­fo­rum Zurich

Galerie Mera - Le Corbusier - Ausstellung 2010

Exhi­bi­tion 2010: “Le Cor­bu­sier –
Mas­ter Buil­der of Inte­ri­ors”

in Schaff­hau­sen